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Villa Repaint in Greenlane

At Sergeant Painters we pride ourselves on our workmanship as exterior painters.  Be it a new build, weather board home, villa restoration, concrete block or plaster cladding – we do it.  If you have aluminium joinery and want the colour changed, we can paint that to.

Our team are all experienced when working with both Acrylic or Enamel paint.  Enamel paint is ideal on windows, doors and hard-wearing areas.  Its thicker texture and ingredients means it lasts longer, produces a nicer finish and is easier to keep clean.  Not everyone can confidently work with Enamel because of its “tacky” texture.  It tends to offer more drag as you paint, unlike Acrylic which is much easier to spread.

Acrylic however is easier to brush on, drys quicker with minimal odour and is suitable for all exterior or interior surfaces.

Read more about the tools of the trade that Sergeant Painters use on our projects.


Most exterior surfaces will have mould or moss growing on them, which we will treat and kill.  Any left over spores will simply grow back underneath the new paint, causing it to flake off.

Our experienced painters in action

We will then carry out a house wash to remove dirt, dust or any flaky paint.  For harder surfaces water blasting will be carried out particularly when paint layers need to be removed.

If the weather boards are in poor condition we recommend using TimberLock.  This is the ideal conditioner for weathered Cedar before painting and acts as an alternative to sanding. When the preparation is completed Lumbersider is recommended for the finish coats.

Sanding and scraping of timber and joinery will be carried out where necessary along with scraping back of any flaking paint.

In our experience your home may require a wash 12 months after the painting, to help preserve the look and finish.  At Sergeant Painters we will carry out this wash as a free service.  Upon completion of your paint job our office will make a diary note to ensure this is not overlooked.